4-H Charter Applications- Due November 1

4-H Charter Applications- Due November 1st

A 4-H charter indicates the club or group is organized in accordance with the objectives of the 4-H program. It authorizes the club or group to use the 4-H emblem for educational purposes in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The purpose of the 4-H Charter is education, communication, and accountability.

4-H clubs and groups must renew their charter annually through completion of the Charter Application Process.  Charter Applications are to be completed online by November 1st.

The Charter Application can be completed online at https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/resources/volunteer-resources/administrative/charter/

Charter Applications should be completed by the entire Club/Group, but submitted by the Club Leader/Group President.

The following 4-H Clubs and Groups must complete the 4-H Charter Application to continue to be a recognized 4-H Club or Group:

  • Archery Project
  • Dog Project
  • Horse Club
  • Leaders Association
  • Livestock Council
  • Country Clovers
  • Dalton Doers
  • Fox River Patriots
  • Grand River Workers
  • Prairie View Rockets
  • Roy Creek Ramblers
  • Seneca
  • Sunrisers
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