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2024 Livestock Tagging Form

Green Lake Co. Livestock Scholarshipdue April 15

Exhibiting & Selling Meat and Dairy Goats at the Green Lake County Fair & Auction 

  • 2023-24 Important Dates to Remember is currently being updated
  • 2024 Livestock Council Responsibility Sheet– Due June 1
    • This sheet is currently being updated.
    • Youth wishing to participate in the 2024 GLC Fair Livestock Auction must sign up for a responsibility for the GLC Livestock Council by June 1st and follow through with completing that responsibility. Families that fail to complete their responsibility may forfeit their participation in the Livestock Auction.
  • Livestock Virtual Educational Experiences
    • The list of virtual educational experiences that meet the Livestock Council participation requirement of attending an educational experience is currently being updated. Remember to complete and submit an Educational Program Evaluation form.
    • Educational Program Evaluation form
  • Livestock Council Constitution
  • Scholarship Application