Sponsorship Donation Partnership



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The Fair is always seeking ways to improve. Therefore, we kindly ask the communities and surrounding areas to consider supporting the Green Lake County Fair at the various levels through the “Sponsorship Donation Partnership Program.” Additional levels of support can include community service, volunteer, or in-kind support. There are many different opportunities for the public to become involved in the biggest four day county-wide event. The Fair truly appreciates the support and generosity given throughout the years.


  • Generates Sales
  • Expands Consumer AwarenessNEW FAIR LOGO-FINAL
  • Increases Name Recognition & Prestige
  • Creates Good Will
  • Enhances Existing Marketing Efforts
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Supports Event Advertising
  • Provides Tax Deduction


Check out the list below of improvements and enhancements that have been made since the inception of this program!  The Fair is so grateful for the support of businesses, organizations and individuals.  These accomplishments would not be possible without all of you.  All funds received are used for current year’s Fair.

Track Area Improvement Equipment Used for Judging 4-H Shooting Sports
Horse Ring Improvements Poultry/Rabbit Barn Cages
Exhibition Hall Exhibit Updates Adopt-a-Pen Campaign Contribution
Food Vendor Water Faucets Additional Entertainment & Educational Programs
Tri-Fold Stands for Photography Department Supplement Youth Exhibit Awards
Supplement Youth Premiums Signage Boards
Sound Systems/Cordless Microphones Electrical Updates
Agricultural Programming Entertainment



  (Formerly Community Involvement Program-CIP or Friends of the Fair Partnership Program)

The Green Lake County Fair has given a new look and a new name to the Community Involvement Program (CIP) that began in 2002 then it was changed to the Friends of the Fair and now it is the Sponsorship Donation Partnership. The Program has built partnerships with local organizations and businesses through their help in sponsoring programs, entertainment events, donations, and other events at the Green Lake County Fair.  These funds have been used for Fair improvements and enhancements, allowing the Fair to remain the area’s most economical family attraction.  Since the inception of this program, the Fair has been grateful for the wonderful support it has received.

The following list is supporters of the Fair since the inception of the Fair’s Community Involvement Program:


The fair is possible due to these sponsors generosity.