Communication Arts Day

WHEN: Saturday, April 28, 2018 – starting at 9 a.m.
WHERE: Green Lake County Government Center – west wing, lower level
FOR: All Cloverbuds, Foods & Nutrition, Clothing and Demonstration project members

Schedules will be arranged accordingly for youth who would like to participate in all three events.
Nothing will be mailed out to anyone. But, if you would like certain copies mailed to you, please contact Kathy at the UW-Extension Office, 920-294-4032 or email:, with specifics.

These events are judged pre-Fair projects.  As a fair entry, Foods Revue exhibitors are responsible for an 11×17″ poster of their exhibit: menu, recipe, and photo of yourself and place setting.  The poster should be brought to the Fair on Judging Day (Thursday, August 3).  No premiums will be awarded to participants who do not submit a poster.

Please view the links below for more information:

Foods Revue Registration
Planning Sheet (Top half to be filled out by all exhibitors-Cost Analysis to be completed by Intermediate/Advanced exhibitors only)
Guidelines for Foods Revue
Score Sheet
Fair Entry & Special Awards (Please make note of the Special Awards that are given in this project area)
Meal Planning/Menu Writing/Place-Table Setting
4-H Members-MyPlate Educational Flyer
Cloverbuds-MyPlate Educational Activity

Clothing Preview Registration
What is a Clothing Preview
Description – return with registration form
2018 Fair Book-Clothing Preview
Score Sheet

Demonstration Day Registration
Score Sheet