4-H and Youth

New 4-H Project Enhancement Program —  Green Lake County 4-H Project Enhancement Program Application

The Green Lake County Leaders Association is proud to offer youth the opportunity to develop their interests in their 4-H projects through a local grant. This grant is available
to any 4-H youth who is enrolled in Green Lake County 4-H. Grants will be available to use for any project with reimbursement up to $100 in increments of $25. This
can be used for anything that would help enhance your project (i.e. art supplies, money toward a wood working tool, halters, grooming supplies, show supplies, baking
ingredients or dishes etc.)

To apply for this grant, youth will need to write an essay about how the grant will improve their project and fill out the attached information sheet.
Each member may submit up to $100 each year. Money should be focused to one project area however members can re-apply for the project enhancement grant in the
future for other projects. Members are limited to 1 application per calendar year. Following the use of the money a receipt will need to be provided to the Leaders
Association for proof of purchase. Receipts must be turned in by August 31st.  Applications due July 20, 2023!!  https://greenlake.extension.wisc.edu/files/2023/07/Green-Lake-County-4-H-Project-Enhancement-Application.pdf 

2023 4-H Graduates — Register to be recognized during the 2023 Green Lake Co. Fair by simply completing this Google Form — https://forms.gle/cV2CgMcxTJsAC7CZ8 and uploading your preferred graduation photo at this Google folder — https://forms.gle/hDaq6V1RRxT3i7Um9


Arts, Health & STEM


Education & Travel Exploration


Outdoor & Wildlife

Leadership & Training




The 4-H and Community Youth Development programs provide youth education outreach programs by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. The 4-H program works with 9 community clubs in Green Lake County, which meet monthly, along with countywide educational project meetings throughout the year. 4-H facilitates outreach programs with local partner agencies. A summer camp is conducted annually for all county residents. For more information simply download the Green Lake County 4-H Program Guide. If you have any questions, please call, Green Lake County Extension at 920-294-4032.


4-H is a youth organization that belongs to the members, their families, and other interested adults who serve as volunteer leaders. Professional leadership is given by Cooperative Extension faculty of the University of Wisconsin. Support for 4-H programs is a joint effort of local county government, the University of Wisconsin-Extension, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In 4-H, young people share, grow, and learn together from various projects, events, and activities in informal situations under the guidance of their families and other volunteer adult leaders. Members can choose projects that fit them and the places where they live. Group activities and events such as trips, camps, fairs, shows, and conferences provide additional learning experiences and opportunities.

4-H is open to all youth and adults regardless of their ethnic background, race, creed, or disability. Youth ages 5 – 19 have the opportunity to join a 4-H community club. Parents, guardians, and other caring adults are encouraged to participate as volunteer leaders. Most 4-H clubs have meetings for the entire membership once a month. During these meetings, decisions are made about group-sponsored activities such as community service efforts, project opportunities and fund-raising efforts.

Regardless of the structure, a 4-H group may involve families, neighbors, relatives, and others. Participants have fun learning, working, and succeeding together in the home, neighborhood, and community.


In clubs, 4-H members decide for themselves which projects they want to learn more about.  A 4-H project is a series of hands-on learning experiences in which youth learn subject matter and life skills. Projects are done both individually and as a group.

4-H’ers everywhere are linked in many ways, especially by the 4-H pledge which they all recite: I pledge… My HEAD to clearer thinking, My HEART to greater loyalty, My HANDS to larger service, My HEALTH to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

Interested in joining Green Lake County 4-H? Click here to see which clubs meet near you! Contact the 4-H Club General Leader for more information. To enroll in 4-H as a youth member or an adult volunteer, go to: http://wi.4honline.com or call the Extension Office, 920-294-4032.



If you have questions regarding 4-H Youth Development in Green Lake County, please contact:

Brandon Springer – 4-H Program Educator 
UW-Madison Division of Extension – Green Lake County
571 County Road A
Green Lake, WI 54941-8630
Phone: 920-294-4035 / Fax: 920-294-4176

Stacy Graff – Fair and Office Coordinator

UW-Madison Division of Extension – Green Lake County
571 County Road A
Green Lake, WI 54941-8630
Phone: 920-294-4032
Fax: 920-294-4176