How to Join

Steps to Joining 4-H:

  1. Review the Program Guide and use as a resource throughout the year. It contains general information about 4-H, activities and events at the county, state, and national level, general enrollment, and project enrollment. (Note: The Program Guide is going through some update! This is still a great guide, but some big changes like new clubs. Contact the Extension Office if you are interested in learning more!
  2. Select a club that works for your family. Review page 10 of the Program Guide to identify a club that you’re interested in. Contact one of the club’s leaders to let them know you are interested in joining the club and confirm the meeting day, time, and location. Go to the club monthly meeting and introduce yourself to the leaders.
  3. Select the project(s) that you are interested in for the year. Review pages 13-16 of the Program Guide for information on how to select a project and the list of projects (and descriptions) available. Leadership for the project may be provided at a county, club, or independent level (driven by the youth and their parent/guardian). Youth can participate in a project at one or multiple levels (county, club, or independent). Check with your club leaders for the projects currently offered at a club level. This will vary from club to club.
  4. Enroll in 4-H Youth Development using 4HOnline. All re-enrolled 4-H members and adult volunteers must be re-enrolled by November 1st. Youth may enroll in 4-H at any time during the year. To receive all the benefits of Green Lake County 4-H, new 4-H member enrollment deadline to exhibit as a 4-H member at the Green Lake County Fair is March 1. Youth who enroll after this date will not be eligible to represent Green Lake County 4-H at that year’s Green Lake County Fair.
    To enroll in 4HOnline you need a computer, internet access, a valid e-mail address, and a web browser. You can enroll from a home computer or from a public access computer, such as those available at your local library.
    Instructions for Enrolling in 4HOnline as a NEW family in Green Lake County for Members.
    You will select your desired club and projects during the enrollment process and then submit. An email will be automatically sent to the Extension Office for approval. Once it is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you.
  5. Club Dues. The cost varies from club to club, so please contact the club general leader for their specific amount. Typically, club dues range from $5-$10 per year.
  6. Record Books. These are usually completed in August and submitted to the club leader(s). They are used as the basis for county and often club-level awards. The record book sheets are available in printable or fillable form and are available online at: and Record Book binders may be picked up at the Green Lake County Extension Office, or ask your club leader.
  7. Watch your email/mail for the bi-monthly 4-H newsletter called the “4-H Focus” for information on events and activities and other opportunities going on in the 4-H program. You can read current and past issues of the 4-H Focus on our website at
  8. Have fun and enjoy 4-H!

If you have any questions, please contact the Green Lake County Extension Office at 920-294-4032.

Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities or limitations should be made prior to the date of the program or activity for which it is needed. Please make such requests as early as possible by contacting the Green Lake County Extension Office 920-294-4032) so proper arrangements can be made. UW-Madison Division of Extension, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Wisconsin counties provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX and ADA.
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