2022 Livestock Council Responsibility Sheet- Due May 1

2022 Livestock Council Responsibility Sheet– Due May 1

  • To view 2022 GLC Livestock Council Responsibility Sheet visit go.wisc.edu/6yln4t 
  • To sign up for a Responsibility visit https://go.wisc.edu/59e49c 
  • As stated in the 2021-2022 Green Lake County Livestock Handbook, youth wishing to participate in the 2022 GLC Fair Livestock Auction must sign up for a responsibility for the GLC Livestock Council by May 1st and follow through with completing that responsibility. Families that fail to complete their responsibility may forfeit their participation in the Livestock Auction. For complete list of auction participation requirements visit https://greenlake.extension.wisc.edu/4-h-youth-development/livestock-committee/